Pro Flex XC

Pro Flex XC

by Ossur

Pro-Flex XC has been developed to comfortably accommodate the relatively active user, who enjoys hiking and jogging, as well as levelground walking. Comes with an aesthetically pleasing, anatomical footcover and integrated male pyramid.

Unity for Pro-Flex XC is available either pre-fit with a new foot or as a retrofit option. Used in combination with IcerossĀ® Seal-InĀ® liners, Unity provides advanced vacuum suspension for the socket during ambulation, without the constraints of an external sleeve. It adds minimal weight to the existing prosthesis and its simple mechanical design means there are no batteries to worry about. Reliable, effective and easy to use, it is designed to improve balance and prevent skin problems.


  • Active Tibial Progression

  • Carbon-X-Active-Heel

  • Full Length Toe Lever

  • Proportional Response

  • Sandal Toe

  • Split Toe

Product Details:

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Product Weight
24 oz
Weight Limit
365 lbs
Activity Level
K2, K3, K4
Mounting Type
Flexible Keel, Vertical Shock

Additional information:

Trial Period
36 months
L Code
L5980, L5986
Sandal Toe

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