The Patient Experience

As your partner in the journey to rediscover your potential, the Independence Prosthetics Orthotics, Inc. team works to guide and support you every step of the way. From the very start of our relationship with you, we make it a priority to understand what you expect from us—and, in turn, to ensure that you know what to expect from your experience with us. Our commitment is to make that experience as positive, supportive, encouraging, accessible and convenient for you as possible. Read on to learn about what to expect, the perspectives of some of our patients, and our patients’ rights and responsabilities.

What to Expect

Gathering Information:

When you arrive for your first visit, our friendly and professional office staff will first need to learn some information about you. Collecting your personal and medical history allows us to provide the most appropriate recommendations and care for you. We also capture your prescription and insurance information to allow us to serve you best.

Initial Evaluation:

One of our certified practitioners will conduct an initial evaluation, which may include a physical assessment, information gathering and gait analysis. Measuring, casting and digital imaging may be required to begin the fabrication/fitting process and is also performed by a certified orthotic or prosthetic professional.

Fabrication of Device:

Once the initial process is complete, fabrication of your device begins. Turnaround time varies based on the situation and the sophistication of the product design. Customization sometimes takes up to six weeks.

Follow-up Care:

Follow-up care includes the fitting and adjusting of an orthosis or prosthetic. Our team will instruct you in the wear and care of your device, and we schedule general checkups with you to monitor your progress. We are available for modifications or adjustments of the device at no additional charges under company warranty guidelines.

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