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IPO has partnered with leading facilities at the forefront of amputee research. We are currently partnered with the University of Delaware and Widener University in patient recruitment for ongoing amputee research studies. Below are details of the individual research studies we are currently seeking volunteers for to collect data.

Your participation is valuable in developing knowledge available and the future of prosthetics.

If you have any questions or would like to be scheduled, please contact Samantha Stauffer, CPO

Email: OR

Phone: (302) 369-9476

Lower Back Pain Study

Lower Back Pain Study

Lower Back Pain - Lower Limb Amputation: The goal of this study is to assess low back pain in individuals with lower limb loss.

  • Eligibility
    • Adults ages 18 or older
    • Below-the-knee or above-the-knee amputation
    • At least one-year post amputation
    • Currently using a prosthesis for 8 or more hours a day
    • Cannot have contralateral limb amputation (amputation on your opposite leg or foot)
    • Cannot have any open areas on your amputated limb (wounds)
  • If you are eligible, the study consists of:
    • Part 1/30-minute appointment at your Local IPO office, Part 2/45 minute appointment 2 (optional) at your Local IPO office
    • You may be eligible for a $5.00 gift card for each part

If you would like to speak with a representative about your eligibility, please call Samantha Stauffer, CPO at (302) 369-9476 or The University fo Delaware Limb Loss Studies Lab directly at (302) 831-7142

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