PathFinder II

PathFinder II

by OWW

The key to the Pathfinder II’s performance lies in its unique construction: a toe spring, a foot plate, and a pneumatic heel spring all connected in a triangular configuration. This design provides shock absorption during heel strike without diminishing the energy return of the toe spring, resulting in optimal flexibility, stability, and comfort. An improved bearing system at the proximal and distal ends of the heel spring alleviate medial/lateral loading on the pneumatic cylinder. As an added bonus, the improved bearing system allows increased inversion/eversion in the foot. Additional reinforcement has also been added to the foot shell. The Low-Profile Pathfinder II incorporates the same benefits as the Pathfinder II, but it is one inch shorter. The extra clearance allows the Low-Profile Pathfinder II to be used by amputees who have longer residual limbs or 8 inches of clearance or more.


  • Moderate to High Activity

  • Exceptional Inversion and Eversion

  • Fixed 4-hole Option Lighter than the Original Pathfinder

  • Improved Durability and 36-month Warranty

  • Comes with Reinforced, High Activity Foot Shell

  • Low-Profile Design Accommodates Amputees with Longer Residual Limbs

  • 350 lb Weight Limit

Product Details:

23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
Product Weight
29 oz
Weight Limit
350 lbs
Activity Level
3, 4
Mounting Type
4 Hole, Female, Pyramid
Rotation Torsion, Vertical Shock

Additional information:

Trial Period
1 days
36 months
L Code
L5986, L5987
Sandal Toe

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