Stanley T

Stanley T. is a proud Marine who lost his leg over 40 years ago during the Vietnam War. He has been a patient at IPO since 2015 and has always had a traditional flesh-colored and foam-covered prosthesis, whether it was the old style exoskeletal leg, or a newer one with a foam cover and skin on it. He has always been very active and only seems to come in when he's worn out his "equipment". Recently, when working on a new leg with his prosthetist Jocelyn, he mentioned how he sees the younger veterans showing off prosthetic legs that come in other colors and designs. We told him IPO could incorporate almost any design into the socket, so he pulled up his sleeve to show off his "Suicide Charley" tattoo and asked if he could have a leg with this logo. It turns out that "Suicide Charley" is the nickname of "C" (Charley) Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, which is the Marine company that Stanley served in. He proceeded to tell us all about Suicide Charley, the official flag, and how special it was.


Jocelyn did a bit of homework and found, where patches and other memorabilia of the Suicide Charley flag were available. Jason London, who runs the website, served in Suicide Charley during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. When he heard Stanley's story, he sent us a couple of patches to incorporate into the prosthesis, telling us "It's my honor to send this to him, and that is payment enough for me! Thank you for sharing this with me. Just made my day!" Thank you, Jason!

Our technician Steve suggested using a laminating sleeve from New Limbits for the background, which gives the illusion of three-dimensional skulls, and helps make the flag patch pop. Stanley was thrilled with not only how comfortable his socket fits, but how amazing the Suicide Charley design turned out. He has returned to his very active life of going on hunting trips and playing with his grandchildren. He recently popped by the STAR office to let us know that this is the best leg he has ever had. Thank you for your service, Stanley! #PRIDE

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