Sandals—With Heels!

From years of wear, my old prosthesis no longer fit properly and had become very uncomfortable. I sought out a facility for my care that would provide a higher level of professionalism and service than I had received at other clinics in the past. My search led me to Independence.

I knew right away that my experience with Independence would be different. From the beginning, John Horne paid close attention to my needs and asked a lot of questions. I truly appreciated the fact that he respected me as a seasoned patient. I knew what I needed and explained it to the team in detail, and they really got it. My results have been phenomenal—a prosthesis that fits comfortably and looks almost natural—and were always delivered with a spirit of excellence and a warm smile.

As an amputee himself, John was easy to work with because he understood my needs and perspective. His team is always cooperative and followed through on every detail. The team also made me feel special, and I could tell that everyone cared about my satisfaction and happiness. I am very satisfied and still telling my family and friends about John and his team.

Shoes are very important to a woman when she’s dressing up. In the past, there have been certain types of shoes I couldn’t wear, and I felt self-conscious about that. Through working with Independence, I have gained the ability to wear sandals—with heels! Even the way I look in my clothes now has made me feel more confident. With my new prosthesis, I feel more complete from top to bottom and happy to be me.

Independence Prosthetics – Orthotics is a great facility for receiving help with a missing limb because you’re treated like a human with feelings and not just a number!

                                                                                                                                             Karen R.

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