Doors Have Been Opened

I was in a motorcycle accident in July 2009. I was hit by a truck and lost my leg at the accident scene. After spending a month in Baltimore’s shock trauma unit, I was transferred to Christiana Care’s rehab facility. During my two weeks there, a nurse referred me to Independence. The Independence team fitted me with an Otto Bock prosthetic leg, which I am still using today.

Independence is like a close-knit family, and I felt immediately comfortable and accepted there. John has been hands-on throughout my care, and I feel a close connection with him because we share the same condition.

I do feel that the Independence team has helped me rediscover my potential. While I’ll probably never be 100% where I was before the accident, with the new technology I have and the support of the Independence staff, I believe I can be 95%, which says a lot. I even went skiing with the staff last winter—something I had never done, even when I had both legs. My experience here has opened lots of doors for me.

                                                                                                                                     Stephen M.

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