Stanley T

Stanley T. is a proud Marine who lost his leg over 40 years ago during the Vietnam War. He has been a patient at IPO since 2015 and has always had a traditional flesh-colored and foam-covered prosthesis, whether it was the old style exoskeletal leg, or a newer one with a foam cover and skin on it. He has always been very active and only seems to come in when he's worn out his "equipment". Recently, when working on a new leg with his prosthetist Jocelyn, he mentioned how he…


Karen -Wilmington, DE

Independence Prosthetics-Orthotics is a great facility for receiving help with a missing limb because you’re treated like a human with feelings and not just a number!


Dave – Philadelphia, PA

The team at Independence cares about everyone who has suffered from limb loss, and they take the time to talk to you and your family.


Leandro – Newark, DE

My experience with Independence has been outstanding.  They are very responsive, supportive and aware. They are flexible and understanding as to how limb loss changes your life, and they help make that transition much easier.


Buffy – Wilmington, DE

My experience at Independence has been great.  The process was explained to me in detail from start to finish, and I always knew that if I had questions, I would get a straight answer.  I’ve always left my appointments feeling like I had had input to the process and was comfortable with the treatment plan and next steps.


Steve – Newark, DE

Independence is like a close-knit family, and I felt immediately comfortable and accepted there.


Karen – Philadelphia, PA

I sought out a facility for my care that would provide a higher level of professionalism and service than I had received at other clinics in the past.  My search led me to Independence.


Patrick – Newark, DE

The whole team is upbeat and serious, accessible and flexible.  Their commitment is obvious, but the atmosphere is informal and friendly-my kind of people. No whining or whimpering,-just look ahead and get it done!


An Active Dad

A work-related accident led to a severe crush injury of my lower right leg. After several surgeries to clean the wound, the decision was made that the best chance for a full recovery was with an amputation. John was involved in my initial amputation to see if he could get a post-operative device to help shrink the stump, but unfortunately the swelling was too severe. Once the swelling was down and the stitches had healed, there was never any question I’d be going to Independence for my prosthetic care. It…


Doors Have Been Opened

I was in a motorcycle accident in July 2009. I was hit by a truck and lost my leg at the accident scene. After spending a month in Baltimore’s shock trauma unit, I was transferred to Christiana Care’s rehab facility. During my two weeks there, a nurse referred me to Independence. The Independence team fitted me with an Otto Bock prosthetic leg, which I am still using today.

Independence is like a close-knit family, and I felt immediately comfortable and accepted there. John has been hands-on throughout my care, and…


Rediscovering a Desire to Help Others

On July 3, 2009, I left a business meeting and, while driving home, was hit head-on. Thankfully, I was ejected from my truck. My left leg, ankle and foot received compound fractures, and so did my right leg and ankle. The doctors believed they could possibly save my legs, but infection set in the left foot and ankle. The more the doctors tried, the more it became clear the left foot was not going to make it, and it was amputated. After several more surgeries to combat the infection that…


Sandals—With Heels!

From years of wear, my old prosthesis no longer fit properly and had become very uncomfortable. I sought out a facility for my care that would provide a higher level of professionalism and service than I had received at other clinics in the past. My search led me to Independence.

I knew right away that my experience with Independence would be different. From the beginning, John Horne paid close attention to my needs and asked a lot of questions. I truly appreciated the fact that he respected me as a…


No More ‘I Can’t!

I was born with a rare brain disorder called Schizencephaly, which left me with a mild form of palsy on my left side, and I was in and out of casts and braces for my left leg most of my life. Nine years ago, I took a bad fall, which damaged nerves in my left leg, causing it to be paralyzed. Doctors told me that there was nothing they could do for me. I have been a patient at Independence for three years now. I was originally referred there by…


The Chance to Share a Positive Message

Following open-heart surgery for constrictive pericarditis, I developed an allergic reaction to a blood thinning medication. I developed gangrene in both feet up to the ankles and in the top half of my right hand, including all four fingers and the top of my thumb. As a consequence, both legs were amputated below the knees, and half of my right hand was amputated as well. John Horne was working in conjunction with my vascular surgeon. I got to know him early in the process, and he was a tremendous help,…


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