Study of U.S. Institutes Women's Leadership Program: Woman Fit with Prosthetic Arm

July 16th 2018

Differences in cultural and societal acceptance has resulted in cosmetics and appearance being a primary concern over function in many third world countries as prosthetic users in those countries attempt to avoid societal shunning associated with any noticeable physical deformities.

Norah Karimi Mwiti arrived in Delaware missing most of her…

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"Giving Children a Childhood One Bike At A Time"

October 10th 2017

Will Harp thought he was at Independence Prosthetics and Orthotics for a check-up appointment. Harp, 11, has cerebral palsy and Independence owner John Horne has been a part of helping Harp live his day-to-day life a little easier. But on Oct. 1, Horne gave the boy something different. 

Reported by…

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"Patiently" Waiting for Love

April 8th 2017

The Bride: Kim
The Groom: Donnie

In February 2016, Kim was scheduled to have a below-knee amputation surgery. Like many people in her situation, she was apprehensive and did not know what to expect. Through mutual friends, she met Donnie, a prosthetic patient of Independence Prosthetics-Orthotics who had undergone a…

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Powering Up Prosthetic Research

January 9th 2017

Article by Dante LaPenta January 13, 2017

Independence Prosthetics-Orthotics donation spurs prosthetics outcomes research

Like many areas within the convoluted world of health care, the orthotics and prosthetics industry faced changing regulations. And its patients felt the brunt of it. For people with limb loss, these changes sparked a need for…

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Restoring Lives, One Limb at a Time

January 8th 2017

Victoria Marsh had no interest in picking out a new foot.

After losing the lower half of her left leg to bone cancer in early 2015, the 13-year-old with Down Syndrome exerted control by refusing to allow anyone to touch her leg.

Her mother, Karen, was equally frustrated by the process…

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I.P.O Debuts Running Chairs

October 4th 2016

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